The Wonders of Toddlers

In my last post I described the wonders of my little boy learning; in this post, the wonders he has learned or the experiences currently are not all for my good. My wonderful little boy is growing so quickly and learning so quickly. I love that he is doing so well in life so far and I love watching him learn, but there are a few areas that I was hoping he would skip over, but should have known better, I suppose.

For a while he has not been a fan of pants, which, while during the warmer months, was completely fine. But now, the days are getting chilly and even I am putting on multiple layers, but he just doesn’t want to. He has figured out how to step on the bottom of his pants and “walk” out of them. My mother and I found suspenders and he tears at them. Recently, he figured out how to unclasp the front snaps and take them off, followed by the pants. Now, the new addition is the losing of the diaper. Especially if it is dirty he starts tearing at it to get it off. Though, even a brand new diaper comes with some desperate tearing and effort of trying to get off. I went online (oh the wonders of the Internet) and found a few “tricks” for this horrid time of growing. I am currently trying out the turn the diaper backwards so he can’t get to the front sticky clasps, but that only gives me a little bit of more time due to  him pulling at the front until the clasps give way. The suggestion of duct tape is one I am considering, but that sounds like a pain for changing time, especially since he wiggles on the changing table. One I am probably going to look into after we move is either the covers cloth diaper parents use on their young ones. Or, maybe I will just get underwear to put over the diaper that way we can use it later on as well.

Thankfully, we are going to a warmer climate for our move so the No Pants Munchkin can have his way and be less dress than normal. My mother told me that one of the things she did when it was swimming season was to allow us to go butt naked and have a training toilet next to the pool to start training us to listen to our body, but not have to worry too much if we missed a signal. I am thinking my munchkin is still too young to do the potty training bit (he hasn’t even truly walked, yet), but it is definitely something to consider.

Another one of those wonders that is fascinating to watch and yet scares the crud out of me is he is realizing that certain things fit into other things. With moving we have some odd stuff lying around and my son has tried to figure out how to place certain things together. A key to the drawers of my husband’s desk was a fun one to watch him try to figure out. He hasn’t yet, but I know in time he will realize which part goes in. The one that scares me is him pulling out the night-light, which I have between the walk area and the kitchen for when I have to get that late night bottle, and then trying to plug it back in. I keep having to tell him no on that one, but he is so determined (he has my stubborn streak).

I love watching him learn and am so glad I get to be with him during this time. Love you Mister.

Wonders of Children

For the past month and a half-life has been crazy due to my husband having his job being bought and a move that will be taking us out-of-state. Through the craziness life goes on and my little one is still growing and learning. I have to stop every so often and realize that I may miss something if I do not slow down. A few weeks ago he took five steps before falling and continued to do it ever so often. He still prefers to hold my fingers while walking/running, but it is progress. Unfortunately, my husband has had to go on without us so he can continue doing his job so he is missing these type of things. I feel bad for him on that fact, but I am glad I get to watch him grow and change. He recently has been trying to put things back where he found them (took the nightlight out and tried to plug is back in, scary). He has been helping me clean up during eating time by putting a piece or two into the container. And tonight he completely melted my heart; he was getting wiggle during his bedtime bottle and I asked what was wrong and pulled him close and he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me in. After a moment or two he pushed me away and I was able to put him down, but it took all my will not to cry during that hug. It is the first one he has given on his own and it was so needed. I love my little man and am so glad I have him during this trying time. Good night little guy, I will see you in the morning and we will have another wonderful day.

Life Keeps on Marching

I was going to write a post on Tuesday about my incredible journey so far with diet and exercise. I was going to post an article about how silly BMI can be. I was going to post about the new gym I joined and how awesome it is. But… now I am posting about the craziness which has befallen my family.
As I finished my magnificent workout at a new gym and had picked my son up from the day care in the gym I received a message from my husband. “Hey are you home?” I tell him no and asked what was up since I was near his work if he needed me for something. He only replies with,”ok, I will see you at home. We have to talk. Not necessarily bad.” I shrug and head home.
Munchkin and I wander around the cul-de-sac while he is practicing walking and wait for Daddy to get home. He finally arrives and has me walk munchkin back towards him. He sits down in the driveway and says, “So, the company was bought by Lesley,” I nod because that makes sense since his company was top-notch and definitely better than Lesley. “So, are they laying people off?” I ask since that is something we have gone through before. And with his reply my life was thrown to the winds to fall upon the earth where it may, “well… that is the thing, they are relocating the office…. everyone to headquarters… and we have to be there in 2 weeks.” I look at him sitting in front of our first house, in front of the two cars we own, with the van of the workers finally finishing our patio. I look at my son who is crawling on the grass. I hear one of my cats beg for attention behind me. How the heck am I going to move all of this in 2 weeks? And what about all the family who are moving closer to us to be near munchkin? All of this runs through my head and continues to 2 days later.
I am more ready to tackle this job now with the time of the past few days and I have been slowly starting to get things in order.
Life is going to change but not all change is bad and there is a high chance we will move back to the current state within the year, but one step at a time. The house isn’t what makes the home but who is there and what you do with the space to make it a home.


Recently my family and I went and got our pictures done at the Picture People in our local mall.  Unfortunately, the Groupon that I used didn’t really cover a slight section of what I wanted and instead of paying just under $20 for what I thought was being covered I spent an extra $124.  But, that is not what I wanted to focus on, what I noticed in the photos was a shock that I was not nearly as skinny as I made myself think I was in the mirror.  When I see myself in the mirror I see slight flab, but nothing so dire that the pounds on the scale makes sense.  Actually, for a long time I thought our scale was broken because the number was not moving.  But, in the photographs I saw a completely different me.  I saw double chins, a BA-donka butt, and a mid-section that finally made sense of why was wearing size Large!  I have been trying to eat better along with doing exercise but not seeing what was actually going on, I apparently have been tricking myself.

Because of this realization I am going to be doing a serious dieting that will probably have me on my knees a few times through the holidays.  Starting tomorrow, October 1st, I will not be having an sweets (except for the sugar in my morning coffee which I normally have a singular cup), nor will I be partaking in alcohol, most break products will be gone as well.  So my diet will be lots of water, small portions of protein with a high intake of veggies and fruit.  I will also be upping my exercise to when I am not doing some sort of exercise in the evening I will be running on the treadmill or around the block.

To award myself at the end of this painful 7 months, I will be doing a boudoir photo-shoot with a good friend of mine.  She did the pregnancy photos for my husband and myself and I loved how they came out as she uses some classic film when photographing.  I have made it my goal that by the time my 30th birthday roles around in April, I will be comfortable enough to do the photo-shoot.  And I will be doing it for myself, which I think is something that should be done.  I have always wanted to do one of these photo-shoots and I think this is a great way to get me to do one.  I hope you all will help me along in this endeavor.

Schools and Change

My husband and I watched Lee Daniel’s The Butler and the movie has me thinking of how much change has happened in just a century. I have also been thinking about how I am going to school my son due to how I currently view the California school system. My mother is pushing for home schooling while I am more thinking of charter schooling. I will of course subsidize any schooling with learning at home, but one of the things I prefer Charter schooling to home schooling is the peer association. Not only the social interaction on the play ground but also the group learning in the classrooms. The reason I am not really looking into public schools is because of the lack of control the teachers seem to have on education anymore. I was a teacher’s aide for a short time but with the knowledge and experience I gained from it I believe the public school system isn’t worth the tax money that is put into it anymore. And the changes I have heard about make me even less enthused about it.
I would love to hear others’ opinions on our educational system.

1 Year

A year has come and gone since I was told to go over to the labor and delivery due to high blood pressure and a few days later giving birth to my son while I was sick.  That year has held so much that I could never remember it all and hopefully I have written enough down for me to read it over it again.  My little boy has grown so strong since that day when all he could do was look at me and drink from my tit and sleep and poop/pee.  He now cruises along everything, babble constantly, and loves to play with anything that makes sounds and especially if it has music.  He has a new favorite toy that I got him from the Build-a-bear that has my voice singing the first verse of “The Wheels on the Bus”.  We are getting into long sleeves, pants, and socks again and he isn’t sure if he likes socks.  I put them on him and he tries to take them back off.  I guess he has gotten used to the no shoes/socks rule for summer.  He will be glad to have them on as temperatures dip even further in the months to come.

His first birthday party was a few weeks ago and it was a blast to have family and a few friends over.  I decided not to go crazy and only had my parents, brother, his girlfriend, my mother in law, my nephew in law, and then two families who had kids.  We had the party at our house which has a pool and all the kids had a blast.  I had done fruit, veggies, three types of pizza, punch with sorbet, salad, and I think that was it.  I made the smash cake myself along with using a box ingredients for cupcakes for everyone else.  I did a fairly healthy cake with frosting a friend found for me, along with gluten-free cupcakes mix with the same frosting.  Everyone said that it was delicious and while I barely got to try the cupcakes I think they were tasty.
Munchkin wasn’t really sure about the cake at first until Daddy put him on the ground with it and showed him how he can put his hand in the middle and tear it apart.  I guess he did put a few pieces in his mouth, but he had much more fun destroying it, rather than eating it.  Ah well.  My mom then took him into the pool to help clean him up.  We have been doing the pool for a few months now and he seems to like it.  Now that the weather is cooling off I am doing the spa with him and he figured out yesterday how to walk around the bench part to get to me on the other side.  Such a smarty.

Today was the dreaded 1st year appointment.  He was near his nap time already so he was already getting slightly testy.  Then we had to undress him to weigh him and do other measurements.  He is just about the 50% mark on everything which is awesome.  I thought he was underweight for his age, but he is actually right on target.  My boy is so skinny compared to some of the chunkers out there, it is sometimes hard to figure out if he is still on track or not.  He had six shots today, including one for the flu, he is currently sleeping all that off, but it just pulled at my heart to see him freaking out.  I know it is good for him to get the shots, I just wish it was in oral pills or something rather than needles.  No one likes needles!  Oh well.Image

Media and Viewers

There have been many horrible stories in the media as of late, it seems.  Locally there was a possibly stillborn infant found in a box at a park and when I viewed the comments on the story on Facebook, I was appalled at the judgement that was put upon the mother of said infant.  I even expressed my surprise that so many would judge without knowing the whole story and the response back was that the whole story was not needed and that it was a despicable thing to do.  I feel sorry for all of those people.  While I agree it is sad that the mother or father thought that was the only way to deal with the child there is probably more to the story to make that thought of logic understandable.  For instance, a lot of people do not know that many hospitals are safe zones to drop off unwanted babies (my husband had no idea that where we delivered it was a safe zone) or that it isn’t a crime if your baby is born stillborn.  Most likely it was a teen who was pregnant and may or may not even have known they were (the article did not say if the infant was fully developed or not, just that it was a possible stillborn birth) and there may have been some other problems it would have induced at home.

You may disagree with my way of thinking on this one, but I like to give society the benefit of a doubt when it comes to tragic situations.  I have had horrible things happen in my family where I did not wish to believe everything that was being said mainly because I knew the person and I did not believe there was anyway they could be this monster the media was describing.  Yet, there are monsters out there and I understand that, but maybe if we get to the why of what is going on we can prevent things like this happening in society.

Then again, I know many programs that are supposed to be doing just that and yet there are still individuals who have no idea what to do in such situations.  This was just my two cents and I hope I have not offended anyone, then again, if I have, it is up to you if you wish to continue to read or not.  I am not making you.